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My earliest memory of semiprecious stones is when, as a child, I went to mineralogical museum. It was magical experience, so I was returning there many times to admire this incredible formations. I spent hours there being amazed how cleverly nature has designed them. My affection for stones had fading and finally I lost my interest towards them and forgot my teenage passion.

Some years later, I have started making adorns using silk ties from my vast collection. I have background in textiles so I always admired ties for their diversity. Soon, I have started learning silversmithing and plunged into the world of working with stones and metal. Now I'm mesmerised with them again.

I work on small scale. I do believe there is more genuineness to the things made slowly and carefully, on a small, human scale. I live on small scale too.

I want to escape from dépêche fashions and must-haves bonding people to buy more and more to safeguard themselves from becoming outcasts. I have chosen to live in the World of simple pleasures of doing and making things with my own hands.

Making jewellery isn't a quick process. I don't wan it to be quick. Even simplest design may take long time as I connect with every single piece I make. I take my time till the moment my creation fully satisfies me. Nothing is random, nothing is rushed. I often employ an experiment or controlled accident to get satisfying result. All my work is a balancing act between accidental and carefully executed forms.

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