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Pierluigi Gianni Vecchi,Birds and Fishes

Pierluigi is an enthusiast about art, photography, video and digital culture.
Born in Montreal, Canada he has lived in Sydney, New York, Mexico City and Genoa, Italy. This multidisciplinary visual artist now calls London his home. Pierluigi has shown his photography and video work in art galleries and international Film Festivals, he has worked in the club land as VJ Fluid and has collaborated with many DJs and other visual artists to enhance the atmosphere of the local dance-bar scene wherever he lives.

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Roozbeh Farahbod,Munich: The Coulple & The Feminist
Soheila Ghodstinat,USA:Tea Party, Another Tehrani Girl &....
Lucy Thane,London: Lock Show, No Entree, Taking off
Kamran Hashemi
Mojgan Kazeroonian, London: The Parrot knows
Payam Hosseinian,UK: Mouse lover
Jade French, Liverpool: Minataurs
Saima Rasheed ,Derbyshire:Apple Eaters
Raquel Arguas , Spain: The Rise
Pierluigi Gianni Vecchi,Birds and Fishes
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