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Saima Rasheed ,Derbyshire:Apple Eaters

Saima Rasheed
is an Artist,Book illustrator and Art Tutor. She specialises in Indian and Persian miniature paintings and is a 2006 recipient of The Arts Council of England Award. She has had solo exhibitions in the UK, France and Pakistan. Her work has also been shown in group exhibitions in international settings.......

From the long tradition of Indo-Persian miniature paintings, Saima combines techniques from historic imagery with her own contemporary and sensitive aesthetics, resulting in her unique style. Her work addressed gender, social and political issues. Technically her paintings employ subtle brush strokes and microscopic rendering technique like those from a miniature painting are painstakingly employed to produce an image, this in turn leaves poetical outlines and gives these paintings their distinctive character.

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Saima Rasheed ,Derbyshire:Apple Eaters
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